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Longest Trip With A Single Passenger

Longest ever trip with UBER After dropping off a passenger whom I picked up from Paragon Mall to 1 Raffles Link (I also learned a short cut instead of turning one big round), I got a request coming from HSBC Building .  And it literally took me more than 5-6 mins (which indicated in the Uber Map ) to reach there as I need to make a "U-turn" at Cross Street towards Robinson Road then to HSBC . "Good day, Sir. May I know where are we heading?" I asked. "Heading back home at Punggol. Thanks!" he replied. "Wow, so early you knocked off from work?" I asked (as usual the kaypoh me who is curious about everything and anything) "I'm going back home as I left out something, could you please fetch me back again? I just need 5 mins to collect my stuff" he asked. "Should't be an issue, I think the traffic will be fine during the timing we head back to city" I said. After we arrived h

The Gateway That Doesn't Exist In Jurong

"Good morning, Sir. Where are we heading?" I asked as I picked up my 2nd passenger of the day. " Gateway, Beach Road . Thanks" replied the passenger. "Beach road? Gateway not in Jurong meh ?" I was asking myself. But just to double confirm, I checked with the passenger; "Sir, are we going beach road or Jurong ?" "Ya, I get this question most of the time when I'm ubering to work.  The Gateway is located at Beach Road . Its located just along the beach road." said the passenger. Therefore, I pinched down the Uber Map and saw that indeed the location he pinned was at beach road . After 17 minutes of driving, we finally reached The Gateway as you can see from the picture above. Did you know that this place is called The Gateway? Have you ever confused this place with jurong's gateway road ? If you haven't been to this place, please don't get confuse the next time when you hear that your pass

Our Tampines Hub

I still remember the last time I was waiting for a Uber pool passenger for way more than 2 minutes and cancel the ride after he refused to turn up. Never did I expect that I will be here again just within a few weeks time, but this time round searching for UberX passengers. Do you know the name of this place? Yes, this place is known as Our Tampines Hub . So as usual, I would follow Uber Map and not surprisingly Uber Map brought me to the same location as previous which is just right after a small round about before going into the carpark . As I didn't see the rider, I messaged and called the rider "Hi Madam, I have arrived. May I know where are you?" "I saw your car moving please stop!" said the passenger.  Immediately I knew that she saw the wrong driver, I was stopping along the roadside and didn't move at all! "Madam, I think you saw the wrong car. Tell me where are you and I will be right there." I said.

Don't Confuse Sims Avenue With Simei Avenue

I thought it would be just another ordinary night and ordinary drive. I was wronged I picked up a rider from Ang Mo Kio and he was heading towards Changi Business Park . So as usual, I simply just follow Uber map and drive him to his destination. As I was driving into the ECP tunnel from Sims Avenue , I asked the passenger does he wants to go via Shear Avenue or AYE/MCE ? He replied, "I don't know, I have never go by ECP ". Therefore, I drove towards AYE/MCE. So while driving and glancing at the Uber map , I noticed something is wrong. I drove to the wrong direction!!! "Oh Shit!", I was telling myself. Immediately I took the next nearest exit along AYE/MCE . "You should have taken PIE ! the passenger though sounds angry but still quite forgiving as I kept apologise to him. Yes, it was pretty late then I realised my mistake for confusing Sims Avenue exit with Simei Avenue exit . It was my mistake to confuse Changi Business Park

Can't Request A Ride

Recently, I couldn't request for a ride about few days after I came back from holiday. Therefore I emailed Uber and highlight to them about this issue. The below screenshot shows their reply. I couldn't recall clearly as I might signed in my account through other mobile phone or it could be I'm using my credit card to pay for my wifey's rides under her account . Have this ever occur to you? Why Uber works best when an individual has a single account with " Unique Payment " (does it refer to personal credit card?) profile and mobile device ? RESOLVED  I CAN'T REQUEST A RIDE  Monday, May 8, 2017 at 1:56:11 PM · uberX    Thanks for reaching out, Yori. I understand that you're unable to sign in to your account. Allow me to help.  I have checked your account and it seems that your registered device is associated with different accounts, which might have alerted our system to automatically freeze either access to the account or