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Grab Bought Over Uber!

April Fool's Joke? Most of you already heard about the news announced this morning on 26th March 2018 that Uber is acquired by Grab . Which means that now Grab will owns the whole of Uber's South-east Asia's business and in return, Uber will get 27.5% stake in Grab. So no, this is not an early April fool's joke. This is for REAL! It's the end for Uber drivers? Those existing Uber's drivers will still be able to use Uber driver's app till 8th April 2018 . So from now till then, probably this is the time Grab will decide how they are going to "integrate" together. For those previously got banned by Grab and came onto Uber's platform might now consider going to Grab office at Midview city to get themselves unbanned (Warning! Large crowd expected there). Since Grab has officially bought over Uber, it's just a matter of time Uber drivers starts to learn how to use Grab driver's app. All good things will come

What Uber Drivers Wish Riders Know About Them

Uber drivers want riders to know that: Sometimes misunderstanding arises because riders do not understand UBER drivers' perspectives. There are certain areas which we as UBER drivers wish riders know about us so that not only it won't affect our 5 stars rating, it could prevents future conflicts too. These are some of the areas which we hope riders will know: 1) It's not that we don't want to pick you up or drop off at the bus stop, we are just afraid that we will get issued a fine by the authority ( We are not suppose to stop our car within 9 metres at the bus-stop ) 2) According to the traffic rules and regulations, we can't pick you up or drop off within "TAXI YELLOW BOX" (Yes, we will get fine too!) 3) If you are bringing a pet (dog, cat, hamster whatever that can fit into our car) with you for a ride, please book uberPET and just make sure your pet don't dirty our car ( We ❤️ your pet too, but we need to keep our

What ComfortDelGro Taxi Drivers Wish You Know About Them

A chat with ComfortDelGro taxi driver As a uber driver who accept more UberFLASH trips than uberX trips nowadays , it really puzzle me why most of the ComfortDelGro taxi drivers find that  UberFLASH  request not appealing to them . In order for me to find out the reasons, I purposely flag a ComfortDelGro taxi at the airport to northeast side of Singapore. But before I took a ride with ComfortDelGro, I intentionally check the price in Uber's rider app.  The upfront fare shown was $17. After I came out from Terminal 2, Changi Airport Arrival Hall at Door 8-9. I saw there are some taxi waiting just right at the roadside. Therefore even without having to wait, I immediately flag for the taxi driver (ComfortDelGro). And on the way I asked him why most ComfortDelGro taxi drivers don't want to take uber request? So his first reply was "this is a collaboration between ComfortDelGro company and Uber company, we (ComfortDelGro taxi drivers) don&#

Happy International Women's Uber Driver Day!

Women are great drivers too! In general, most of the time men thought that all women are bad drivers. When we heard news that woman driver crushed their car into the long kang ( a.k.a drain) due to a cockroach, people will tend to make the news go viral (especially men), as they want to show prove that men are superior drivers than women! As time went by, due to it's "deep seated root culture", this kind of thinking becomes a norm that all women are a bad driver as compared to men. However, this is not true! There are also woman driver who can drives far better than most of the men and vice versa. Women nowadays have far more contribution than men as not only they need to take care of the family, they also need to help men put breads on the table. Therefore, it is very important for each and everyone of us on the road to show respect to one another irregardless of gender . Lastly, wishes all lady uber drivers here a happy internation

Happy Uber New Year

Ubering after a year! Time flies, it was about a year now ever since I started ubering one year ago. I started then when UBER introduced the free rental and free petrol via UFC (Uber Flexi Club) platform. During that time, I was using the car from Smove . It was an hourly rental platform, however during that promotion, we are able to rent the car for FREE for a week. Likewise for petrol, we can claim it and get it for FREE too. Those were the days.......... Right now, I'm renting LCR car as after my 5 weeks contract with them ( FREE rental also as I won a lucky draw ), they gave me some rebates which I thought it was worth it to continue the rental. Also, during CNY, I opted in to distribute Ang Baos to 20 selected riders. I felt like a Chinese Santa Claus ! And these are the best wishes from the lucky riders who have taken my rides during CNY! Zoom in to view! It was very enjoyable to see all these well-wishes! Not every drivers will get to dist