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Even The CEO Starts Driving Uber

Is the economy that bad? Is the economy that bad that even the CEOs start driving Uber? You probably have heard that profession like teachers, lawyers, doctors, bankers etc start driving Uber. Is the economy that bad? or all these guys just do it for fun? For those veteran drivers, they have been enjoying the ultimate freedom that Uber gives them. But for CEOs to give up their millions dollars salary just to drive Uber? That doesn't make sense! What are they up to? Uber CEO Kalanick Argues With Driver Over Falling Fares Some of you might still remember the news about the CEO of Uber, Kalanick argues with driver regarding about the fares which keep getting worse as shown in the video below: And true enough! Uber's fares have been getting from bad to worse for weeks in Singapore! So is it true that some of the drivers actually are Uber's directors or management staffs? Or CEOs from companies with affiliate interest? Are they just trying to hav

Uber Drivers, Please Beware of Kidney Failure!

Ex-Uber driver shared his experience It was past midnight when I decided to go out for a few drives. As I was able to set up to 4 destination trips , I set my first one to city area (usually where the high surge area). After a short while (probably it's weekend night), I got a request from upper Serangoon area, as usual,  I just went and pick that fellow up and proceeded to his destination; Adis road. A single guy booked for UberX at this timing, (hmm..... must have something urgent to attend to.....) After I dropped him at Adis road, I'm still contemplating where should I set my next destination? "Should I set to go back home, or continue to go further down to city?" While I was self-talking in my mind, another request came in again. The rider was just few metres right behind me! "Wow, so lucky!" I thought to myself. When the rider came on board, both of us were quite surprised. "Hey Sir, it's you again!" I asked.

Uber's Birthday Treat

Uber Birthday Treat I was pretty angry with Uber for numerous of weeks as their quest (cash king) keep "depreciating". Therefore, beside adopting the " Base Fare Strategy " and going for high boost , I don't think I want to aim for their quest anymore! However, today my heart felt warmed after I received the above message from Uber. It was my birthday month! I'm born in the month of November! As I was able to claim $20 from Uber for my birthday treat, I decided to buy dinner for my whole family. As it was around 5pm plus, we decided to head down to mookata (the one @ 81 lorong chencharu) as we expect the crowds to come in after 6pm. Yeah! We were right! And we were lucky enough to get ourselves a parking lot (last one available!) Not only that, Mookata also got promotion for birthday boy/girl, the membership cost $20 and you could instantly get a $25 rebate (hmm, who wouldn't want to exchange $20 for $25?). Besid

Base Fare Strategy

Base Fare Strategy Recently, not only the quest (a.k.a cash king target) for weekdays and weekend has fallen for consecutive few weeks, petrol's price has gone up too. As of today, at the point of writing this blog post dated 8 November 2017, ESSO 92-Octane is already $2.19 per litre. I know some drivers still prefer to go JB to get cheaper fuel (worth the time and effort or not?!!!!) So what does that means to the driver? Higher cost and lower revenue!!!! So now uber drivers are left with 2 options;  adopt a new strategy or  drive longer hours (estimate additional 1-3 hours on the road) So recently, I came up with a new strategy which I called it the " Base Fare Strategy " So what is Base Fare Strategy? If you go into your Uber's driver app, at the bottom right corner, tap "ACCOUNT", you will see "Waybill" which is located on the 3rd row which look something like the picture shown below: So