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LCR Free Rental

source: google As I couldn't drive for about 2 months because of the reason I shared in my previous blogpost , I took  the opportunity to catch up with people I never really have the chance to do so as usually I drive in the daytime, fetch my kids during the evening time and start to drive again from night till midnight around 2am. So one of the event which makes most of our drivers gather together is LCR day (lion city rental), beside UFC (Uber Flexi Club), unless you are ubering under smove platform . So, it was on the 6th August 2017, we all gathered together for free food, pop quiz and lucky draw. It was definitely a rewarding event as you pay nothing and get something in return. On that day, not only I won $20 Esso fuel vouchers from pop quiz, I also won a one month free rental from LCR. As I yet to recover from my injury , I decided to collect my car on 31st August 2017. However, I still need to pay $200 deposit . I already paid $100 on that day and will pay