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Private Hire Car Driver's Vocational Licence (PDVL)

PDVL EXAM Yesterday 29th January 2018, I just took my PDVL exam. I was very nervous as I told myself I do not want to waste time and money to retake again. Therefore, just one day before ( which was Sunday) the exam, I studied real hard. I studied all the highlighted portion (which our trainer, Ken told us to highlight) and also did the online mock papers . As I was told by someone that there are total 4 sets of paper per exam , so in order for me not to miss out any of those, I did multiple times of revision online . Basically, the online platform which you can do your PDVL exam revision is @   TP Tests   and the PDF copy of   the FAQ private hire car driver's vocational licence commencement can be found here . One of the methods as told by our Purely Uber Drivers Group Chat member for Paper 2 revision is to try to practise till you get perfect score consistently because it is all about factual stuffs (demerit points, fine, suspension or revoked et

LCR Car Breakdown

LCR Car breakdown It seem to be another normal day as I picked up one Aussie passenger from his condo to his workplace.  However, on that particular day 22nd December 2017 (few weeks ago), my Toyota Sienta decided that she needs a "break", so just right after the traffic light had turned green, she decided not to move anymore. I did a few attempts to "wake" her up, but she insisted on having a long rest.  Therefore without having much option left, I have to call for LCR car servicing @ 6262 4620 , my passenger also has to get out from my car and request for another uber driver. "What a bad day!" I said to myself But I can't just leave my car alone there. I need to do something about it without leaving her strand on the road. Luckily, I still remember what I have learned during my car driving lesson days (thats was about 20 years ago!). So, immediately I went behind my "car booth" to look for the red

Conversation With The Pilot

Credit: Pixabay Experience with the pilot rider I thought it was just another usual night while ubering in Singapore. Usually, it's pretty common for us; uber drivers to fetch passenger like pilots or air stewardesses. However, this time round, the experience was different. And below is the conversation between the pilot and me: Pilot: Why do you guys (drivers) enjoy stepping on your accelerator intermittently? Do you know that you jerk the passenger forward and back? Me: I didn't enjoy doing that, Sir. I was controlling my speed according to the road speed . You do know that Singapore's road has a lot of speed camera , don't you? Also, I'm trying to maintain my fuel control in the "ECO" mode in order to save fuel (one of the highest expenses in our "business cost") Pilot: Nah, all of you are being trained to drive like this. Traditional taxi drivers are even worse! Nowadays, I don't even take traditional t