Don't Confuse Sims Avenue With Simei Avenue

I thought it would be just another ordinary night and ordinary drive. I was wronged

I picked up a rider from Ang Mo Kio and he was heading towards Changi Business Park. So as usual, I simply just follow Uber map and drive him to his destination.

As I was driving into the ECP tunnel from Sims Avenue, I asked the passenger does he wants to go via Shear Avenue or AYE/MCE?

He replied, "I don't know, I have never go by ECP". Therefore, I drove towards AYE/MCE.

So while driving and glancing at the Uber map, I noticed something is wrong. I drove to the wrong direction!!! "Oh Shit!", I was telling myself. Immediately I took the next nearest exit along AYE/MCE.

"You should have taken PIE! the passenger though sounds angry but still quite forgiving as I kept apologise to him.

Yes, it was pretty late then I realised my mistake for confusing Sims Avenue exit with Simei Avenue exit. It was my mistake to confuse Changi Business Park with Mapletree Business City.

Therefore I asked him how much was his upfront fare as it was a 1.3x surge when I picked him up. I told him to raise a fare dispute if the fare is going to be higher than his original amount.

Yes, indeed he paid much higher than his initial amount after I dropped him off. As it was my own mistake, I accepted the fare adjustment "gracefully". Not only I had wasted both of our time, a big chunk of mileage "was burnt" too.

Never again I will make this stupid mistake. And I hope new drivers out there will learn from mine.

If you know anyone who can benefit from this blogpost, please share with them too. It's far better to learn mistakes from others than our own

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