Our Tampines Hub

I still remember the last time I was waiting for a Uber pool passenger for way more than 2 minutes and cancel the ride after he refused to turn up. Never did I expect that I will be here again just within a few weeks time, but this time round searching for UberX passengers.

Do you know the name of this place? Yes, this place is known as Our Tampines Hub.

So as usual, I would follow Uber Map and not surprisingly Uber Map brought me to the same location as previous which is just right after a small round about before going into the carpark.

As I didn't see the rider, I messaged and called the rider "Hi Madam, I have arrived. May I know where are you?"

"I saw your car moving please stop!" said the passenger. 

Immediately I knew that she saw the wrong driver, I was stopping along the roadside and didn't move at all!

"Madam, I think you saw the wrong car. Tell me where are you and I will be right there." I said.

"We are waiting for you at the pickup point." she told me

Therefore, I knew that the location that I was at which Uber Map led me to was wrong! There wasn't any pick up point at all!

So without much hesitation (as I don't want to waste too much time), I drove to the other side of Our Tampines Hub. However, I saw there wasn't anyone there except one security guard.

"Uncle, may I know is this the pick up point? (the place do look like a pick up point)

"No, no. You got to make a U-turn and go to the small round about there" replied that Indian uncle.

"KNN!" I was thinking to myself. I just came from there!!!

"How to I go to the pick up point after I reach there, Uncle?" I was asking hastily.

"You turn into the carpark down the slope, then you will see the pick up point" replied the uncle calmly.

"Aiyoyo! I should have done that earlier!" talking to myself once again...........

So when I reached to the same spot (this time round going down the slope after the parking gantry which eventually led me to basement 2 carpark) again, the rider called me and asked, "Have you arrived?"

"Are you at basement 2 pick up point, madam?" I asked (a bit impatiently)

"No, we are at level 1" she replied.

"Ok, I'm now at basement 2 and will drive up to level 1. Please give me a moment." I said (acting politely)

"Wa, Heng ah! The riders were there." Finally I felt relieved.

And so the journey continued.............

Do you have the same experience as I do? Do you follow Uber Map  or simply just drive to the pick up area?

Whichever ways you are using, just remember that there is a pick up area at level one of Our Tampines Hub

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