The Gateway That Doesn't Exist In Jurong

"Good morning, Sir. Where are we heading?" I asked as I picked up my 2nd passenger of the day.

"Gateway, Beach Road. Thanks" replied the passenger.

"Beach road? Gateway not in Jurong meh?" I was asking myself.

But just to double confirm, I checked with the passenger; "Sir, are we going beach road or Jurong?"

"Ya, I get this question most of the time when I'm ubering to work. The Gateway is located at Beach Road. Its located just along the beach road." said the passenger.

Therefore, I pinched down the Uber Map and saw that indeed the location he pinned was at beach road. After 17 minutes of driving, we finally reached The Gateway as you can see from the picture above.

Did you know that this place is called The Gateway? Have you ever confused this place with jurong's gateway road? If you haven't been to this place, please don't get confuse the next time when you hear that your passenger is going to the gateway at beach road.

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