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Operation FOMOPLAY

Unusual Promo Code "FOMOPLAY" Some of you might already know what does " FOMO " stands for. As for those who don't, let me explain; FOMO basically is an acronym stands for " Fear Of Missing Out ". It could also means " anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media " as explained by dictionary. So what's so special about FOMO and why am I talking about it? Well, most uber drivers have observed and commented that these few days were exceptionally quiet. For most of the entire days, its either no surge or no request (aka no ping) at all! So for those full-time uber drivers, how are they going to hit their target? Luckily, uber promo code "FOMOPLAY" is coming to the rescue! For the entire 12 hours (9am - 9pm) 28th Dec 2017, you will get $5 off "unlimited" uber rides. Once you applied the promo code " FOMOPLAY

Ever Thought Of Giving Up Ubering?

It's all about the  journey!   If you ask me, have I ever thought about doing something else beside ubering , I would be lying to you if I said "NO!" Lots of time, I feel like giving up being a uber driver and perhaps do something else. The thoughts come more frequent especially when my incentives get very low that I think literally it's not worth my time to drive anymore and this was made worse when I had bad encounters with nasty passengers.  However, once a while, when I looked at all these comments below given by my passengers, it really keeps me motivated and going. Uber riders' compliments Some of the 5 star comments can be quite interesting too ; such as "Don't forget to go to church", "This driver deserves a 6 star" etc. Of cos, it's really great to get positive and motivating comments from riders. However, I think sometimes in order for me to improve my ownself, probably I woul

Should You Drive Long Distance With No Boost Or Surge?

Breaking down the cost Being an uber driver is not easy. "Well, who told you that being your own boss is easy?" However, now instead of being paid per month, you are being paid weekly! But, there will be expenses like rental, petrol, car wash etc. We all know that one of the highest cost on the road as an uber driver is your petrol . So, how can we use it to our advantage effectively and efficiently? Well, one of the first step is to determine your car's fuel consumption rate . For example, if you are driving a 7 seater Toyota Sienta   (non hybrid) , you will roughly know that if you gas up $50 based on $2.17 per litre from Esso today, it will roughly travel for a distance of 300km. Which is $0.167 per km for the cost . Let's round it up to $0.20 (because in business, we want to use the best scenario approach) So, if you are able to get an earning of $1 per km (according to experience this is at least above average good earnings), you will b

Is Surge Being Manipulated?

Is there any ON / OFF switch for surge? For those uber drivers who have drove for quite sometimes, probably already knew that the surge can be turned ON or OFF by UBER . This was experienced by most drivers when there was a SMRT disruption happened weeks ago. As many passengers were left being stranded, Uber quickly turned off the surge "button" and offer drivers a 1.5x fare for those drivers who's able to pick up passengers along north-south line. Is uber drivers being manipulated by the surge? Some people argued that surge are being controlled as he had experienced it personally by driving into surge zone but not getting any surge request. "How could that be?" you might wonder. Or "Yes! I experienced it too!" you might proclaim. So what's the truth? Well, till now, from the horse's mouth, surge is not real time and surge is depended on the demand at the location when the rider requested the ride . Should I go fo

To Assist Or Not To?

Application of uberAssist training After we took up the uberAssist training , I wonder when will I ever have chance to pick up any uberAssist request. And as usual, law of attraction always work! Finally I got one and I'm going to show everyone how it really looks like and why personally I think it's good for the Uber drivers with uberAssist qualification . When the uberAssist request came in, it will looks like this (same as the above screen, except rider's name was being blocked out in the above picture). The request came in as per normal as other request, just that at the bottom of the PICK UP , you will notice that it is a uberAssist request. So when you see this, probably you will be expecting picking up a rider with some form of disability, high chance the rider will be wheelchair bound . So without much hesitation, I wanted to put what I have learned into good use. I went to the exact location, and true enough, I saw one lady with another