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From Nex to Genting Lane in a Taxi Style

Superb Navigation Skill of a Taxi Driver It was consider a partial peak hour which I usually start my ubering in the morning at around 0930am. This time round, I got a request from NEX, Serangoon (one of the hottest request area in the northeast side) "Please go to Genting Lane via Wan Tho Ave ", said the lady who just came on board. "Sure, no problem!", I said it with confident as I know where exactly this location is. However, when I take a look at Uber's GPS , it was prompting me to go MacPherson road from Upper Serangoon road as shown below. The usual route from nex to genting lane as shown by google map (same as uber navigation) As I usually "switch off" my brain by following Uber's GPS when I'm ubering, I asked the lady out from my curiosity, "How did you know about this short cut?" "From taxi driver! They are the best!" the lady said blissfully. "Usually, in the mor