What you gonna do after Uber is gone?

what should I do without Uber?

Life without Uber soon

During Friday's night on the 5th May 2018, I drove Uber for more hours than I did in my whole journey with UBER. I started ubering at 8pm till Saturday 6th May 2018, 12pm.

I knew I was going a bit crazy......... till the point that the uber's driver app prompt me to perform a selfie for verification.

I was lost, I didn't really know what I should do after Uber's gone on the 7th May 2018.

Some of my passengers, they were concerned.

Most of them asked me, what you gonna do after Uber is gone?

Especially this one Caucasian guy from Bulgaria, he asked me during the trip, "I heard there will be no more Uber in Singapore after 7th May 2018, so what are you going to do?"

"I'll go sweep the floor." Jokingly I said.

But seriously, I said that because I don't really have an answer for that question. For the past years, I thought I found my freedom with UBER, however, I didn't expect it to last so soon, much sooner than I thought.

I didn't expect UBER agrees to be acquired by GRAB for it's SEA (South-East Asia) operation for that 27.5% stake of GRAB.

Didn't Uber think about it's driver partners during the process? Didn't Uber value the relationship between it's partners throughout these years?

So much time and effort spent in building up all these in Singapore just for that amount of money?

Is money really important to Uber?

Seriously I don't know what Uber has been thinking about when it signs the agreement of acquisition with GRAB. Nonetheless, besides thanking UBER for everything it given me all these while, what more could I say?

This song below will be dedicated to UBER.

Never mind, I'll find someone like you, UBER.............

I wish nothing but the best for you too, UBER.


  1. Driving for UBER is great. With its updated and Driver friendly application, I feel very comfortable with UBER. It's incentives are also great, although people say GRAB is better at that point of time.

    Now, with no car at the moment, I hope that there will be a hailing app that is almost similar to UBER one day.

  2. Hi,

    The only constant is change. The best approach is being flexible to handle the unpredictability of change.



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