Grab Bought Over Uber!

is it the end of uber drivers?

April Fool's Joke?

Most of you already heard about the news announced this morning on 26th March 2018 that Uber is acquired by Grab. Which means that now Grab will owns the whole of Uber's South-east Asia's business and in return, Uber will get 27.5% stake in Grab.

So no, this is not an early April fool's joke. This is for REAL!

It's the end for Uber drivers?

Those existing Uber's drivers will still be able to use Uber driver's app till 8th April 2018. So from now till then, probably this is the time Grab will decide how they are going to "integrate" together.

For those previously got banned by Grab and came onto Uber's platform might now consider going to Grab office at Midview city to get themselves unbanned (Warning! Large crowd expected there).

Since Grab has officially bought over Uber, it's just a matter of time Uber drivers starts to learn how to use Grab driver's app.

All good things will come to an end one day, I didn't expect it to come so fast after a year plus of Ubering in Singapore. However, I'm so glad that during this time frame I met a lot of nice comrades in Purely Uber Drivers Group Chat.

I know a lot of uber drivers will feel sad (especially those grab drivers who got banned by Grab or those enjoy the great experience in Uber platform), however, change is inevitable. As such, the group chat name has changed to becomes Purely Grab New Drivers.

If you are unable to join our WhatsApp group, not to worry, as all of our other members are all there inside Telegram named Purely Grab New Drivers.

See you guys inside 😊

Stay calm and continue ubering till 8th April 2018.


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