What a Luck!

what should i do if my car tyre is flat while driving uber

What a luck!

It was just few more days before there's no more ubering in Singapore. However, before I could end the ubering journey with UBER, my car decided to call it off first.

My car tyre went flat on me 2 days ago.

As I thought that it might be an issue which is not self-inflicted by me, I decided to send it to LCR's authorised car workshop at Wcega Plaza. Because this is not the first time that my car failed on me, I was not that worried as it is not as bad than the previous time.

Luckily I did send my car to the workshop as not only my car tyre got problem, my car's bearing also got issue.

Therefore, it took me about 3-4 hours just to get the bearing serviced.

After it was serviced, the drive feels much smoother, no wonder my mood was so bad as the severe vibration caused my back to hurt terribly and my ratings became worse.

Bad luck do come twice!

This morning, while I was preparing to go fetch my first passenger of the day, I noticed that my front left side of the car seems a bit sinking. 

Therefore, when I reached my rider's location to pick them up, I went down of my car and took a look.

OMG! It was flat again!

"Didn't the workshop person in charge told me he will do an air leak check? What's went wrong?

Oh! I remembered, he did told me that if there's anything wrong with the car tyres, whatever charges incurred I should bear it. But at least, he should have advise me beforehand!

Anyway, it's pretty late to argue about this matter anymore.

Therefore, after my 2nd trips of the day, I went to petrol kiosk and charged up my tyre and decided to go to car tyre workshop to get it patched.

The power of united drivers in a groupchat

It was kinda a blessing in disguise, because if my car tyre didn't went flat, I wouldn't have get my car's bearing changed.

And because of that, I went to a car workshop recommended by Ivan in our secret groupchat (it became a secret group after some saga had happened)

And this is what I have found on my car tyre:

Luckily thanks to Ivan's recommendation that I managed to find this car workshop as shown below:

When I approached Ah Chai (that's what everyone called him), he appears to be kind and friendly. I told him about my car's problem. After patiently listened to my story, he began to help me fix it (calmly and professionally).

Not only that, he didn't over-charged me as I found out that the market rate for car tyre's patching is around $8 -$12.

And in less than 15 minutes, I was back on the road again.

Once again, Thanks to Ivan Lee!


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