Uber further extend it's operation from 15th April till 7th May 2018

uber extend it's Singapore operation till 7th May 2018

What? Extend again?

Most Uber drivers and riders were caught off guarded when Uber announced that it will extend it's operation in Singapore till 7th May 2018.

Wasn't the deactivation date on 15th of April 2018?

Well,  the extension of Uber's operation till 7th May 2018 was actually a requirement by Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS) due to the following reasons:

  • throughout the years of uber's operation in Singapore, uber has collected significant amount of trips' data and if Grab were to utilise it for it's own benefits, it might form a great barrier of entry for competitors which inevitably might consider a monopoly of the private hire vehicle (PHV) industry.
  • During this interim measure period, Grab is also require to make sure that previous uber drivers "migrating" to Grab platform will not be subject to their "exclusivity" (meaning that drivers are only allow to drive in Grab's platform)
  • If by then Grab will be the "sole player" in the rail-hailing company, Grab is to ensure that they won't hike up the fare for riders as well as demanding higher commission from the drivers.
As such of the above reasons, an independent trustee will be appointed to oversee all these criterias are fully met.

So what's now for the existing Uber drivers?

Because of all these "saga", currently for those existing uber drivers who have had already registered with Grab, can continue to drive under Uber's platform as well as start to familiarise themselves with Grab's driver app.

On the positive note, existing uber drivers can drive for both platform till the end of 7th May 2018, which might improve their earnings.

After which, they can then consider to solely drive for Grab, wait for new competitors to enter Singapore's market or choose to leave the industry for good.


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