One More Week for Uber

uber will be gone from 15th April onwards

15th April is the last day for Uber?

Every drivers already knew that UBER will be gone on 8th April ever since the announcement that GRAB had bought over UBER's South-East Asia operation.

However, some might still not aware that the "death" of Uber will be extended till 15th April as the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore  (CCCS) is reviewing proposed alternative interim measure.

So, what does that means?

It's mean that the CCCS has the reason to believe that GRAB might be monopolising the Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) industry, which might have infringed the Competition Act in Singapore.

Good news for both the drivers & riders

Most of the drivers and riders felt relieved about the extension of Uber's departure in Singapore.

This is so because the riders are worried that if Uber were to leave Singapore, GRAB might be using this opportunity to hike up the ride's fare.

As for the drivers, most of them especially Uber drivers are worried about using a lesser superior app platform which might result in lesser earnings from driving. Not only this, the freedom to make money from driving will be questioned too.

Therefore, as long as there's competition in the market, riders will continue to enjoy a way more affordable rides and drivers can expect to earn more money from driving by choosing a preferable app platform which suit their driving pattern.

In conclusion, the majority are glad about CCCS's intervention and probably wish that "miracle" would happen that UBER will be here to stay.


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