What Uber Drivers Wish Riders Know About Them

What Uber Drivers Wish Riders Know About Them

Uber drivers want riders to know that:

Sometimes misunderstanding arises because riders do not understand UBER drivers' perspectives.

There are certain areas which we as UBER drivers wish riders know about us so that not only it won't affect our 5 stars rating, it could prevents future conflicts too.

These are some of the areas which we hope riders will know:

1) It's not that we don't want to pick you up or drop off at the bus stop, we are just afraid that we will get issued a fine by the authority (We are not suppose to stop our car within 9 metres at the bus-stop)

2) According to the traffic rules and regulations, we can't pick you up or drop off within "TAXI YELLOW BOX" (Yes, we will get fine too!)

3) If you are bringing a pet (dog, cat, hamster whatever that can fit into our car) with you for a ride, please book uberPET and just make sure your pet don't dirty our car (We ❤️ your pet too, but we need to keep our car clean for subsequent riders)

4) If you just had your fun on the beach, we would appreciate you to dust off all those tiny fine sands and dry up your sweat before getting into our car. (Yes, we are no different from you. We ❤️ the sand, sea and the sun. But please spare a thought for our next customer)

5) If your friend are too drunk, please accompany him/her back home (Remember to bring a plastic bag too). Don't just leave the job to us (we are worried that he/she might vomits in our car. Worse still, being accused of molesting him/her while trying to wake him/her up after reaching the destination)

6) If you are being charged a cancellation fee from the previous driver, it has nothing to do with us as the money doesn't goes to us (We just collect from you whatever is shown on the GREEN screen)

7) If you are rushing for time, please do not request for uberPOOL.

8) You can kiss and hug in our car, just don't do it too loudly and exaggeratingly (we are not transparent!)

9) We can't pick any child below 1.35m (Yes, Singapore is a FINE country! As well as chances of accident too). Its either you bring your own child seat, or you can request for CAR SEAT via UBER's rider app.

Basically, these are some of the areas we seek the riders for understanding. Together we can make your ride and our services a better one.


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