Happy International Women's Uber Driver Day!

Not all women are bad drivers

Women are great drivers too!

In general, most of the time men thought that all women are bad drivers.

When we heard news that woman driver crushed their car into the long kang ( a.k.a drain) due to a cockroach, people will tend to make the news go viral (especially men), as they want to show prove that men are superior drivers than women!

As time went by, due to it's "deep seated root culture", this kind of thinking becomes a norm that all women are a bad driver as compared to men.

However, this is not true!

There are also woman driver who can drives far better than most of the men and vice versa.

Women nowadays have far more contribution than men as not only they need to take care of the family, they also need to help men put breads on the table.

Therefore, it is very important for each and everyone of us on the road to show respect to one another irregardless of gender.

Lastly, wishes all lady uber drivers here a happy international women's day!

Enjoy the show below #drivenwomen take the wheel:


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