Conversation With The Pilot

how to driver uber like a pilot?
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Experience with the pilot rider

I thought it was just another usual night while ubering in Singapore.

Usually, it's pretty common for us; uber drivers to fetch passenger like pilots or air stewardesses. However, this time round, the experience was different.

And below is the conversation between the pilot and me:

Pilot: Why do you guys (drivers) enjoy stepping on your accelerator intermittently? Do you know that you jerk the passenger forward and back?

Me: I didn't enjoy doing that, Sir. I was controlling my speed according to the road speed. You do know that Singapore's road has a lot of speed camera, don't you? Also, I'm trying to maintain my fuel control in the "ECO" mode in order to save fuel (one of the highest expenses in our "business cost")

Pilot: Nah, all of you are being trained to drive like this. Traditional taxi drivers are even worse! Nowadays, I don't even take traditional taxi.

You should have just step or release on your fuel pedal gradually, you will save fuel better in this way.

Me: I know where you are coming from Sir, but for me, usually if my speed goes too fast, I wouldn't want to step on the brake and step on my accelerator shortly after that. I will just get ready on my brake pedal in case the car in front of me stop abruptly (to prevent an accident).

Me: Where are you from and which aircraft type are you flying? I believe the road in your country and mine are totally differently. Beside, flying and driving are not the same.

Pilot: I'm from Poland and I'm flying Airbus A380. Probably you should consider using cruise control.

Me: Well, I have never been to Poland, but I believe the road condition are different in your country and mine, Sir. Furthermore, in Singapore, drivers don't use cruise control.

As I sense that probably this conversation will be a never-ending one, I decided to end the conversation with the following sentence.

"OK, Sir. Thanks for your guidance. I will make sure I won't "jerk" my passenger next time."

And for the rest of the trip, in order not to "jerk" this pilot anymore, I have a pretty hard time "controlling" my right leg in order not to let him "feels" any sense of "jerkiness"


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