To Assist Or Not To?

How much can you earn from Uberassist?

Application of uberAssist training

After we took up the uberAssist training, I wonder when will I ever have chance to pick up any uberAssist request.

And as usual, law of attraction always work!

Finally I got one and I'm going to show everyone how it really looks like and why personally I think it's good for the Uber drivers with uberAssist qualification.

uberAssist ride

When the uberAssist request came in, it will looks like this (same as the above screen, except rider's name was being blocked out in the above picture). The request came in as per normal as other request, just that at the bottom of the PICK UP, you will notice that it is a uberAssist request.

So when you see this, probably you will be expecting picking up a rider with some form of disability, high chance the rider will be wheelchair bound.

So without much hesitation, I wanted to put what I have learned into good use.

I went to the exact location, and true enough, I saw one lady with another elderly man in wheelchair.

Immediately I went ahead and help to put the wheelchair inside my "car booth" (cos I'm driving a TOTOTA Sienta), while the lady helped the elderly man into my car.

After approximately 10-15 minutes of drive, my trip was completed.

uberAssist fare

True enough! as Uber has promised. Instead of getting 20% commission from the us; the Uber partner, Uber only take 10% of commission, and the best part is there's no difference between a uberX request and uberAssist request! Rider pays the same amount!

As rider paid $13.27, and 10% of $13.27 is $1.33

So $13.27 - $1.33 = $11.94 (this is what the driver will be getting)

Therefore, uberAssist training not only helps the drivers to earn more, you will have a sense of satisfaction too!

If you feel like you can contribute to the society by being a Uber driver, Click on the icon below to sign up if you are a new driver:

I shall see you on the road ! 😉


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