Uber's Birthday Treat

$20 birthday treat from Uber!

Uber Birthday Treat

I was pretty angry with Uber for numerous of weeks as their quest (cash king) keep "depreciating".

Therefore, beside adopting the "Base Fare Strategy" and going for high boost, I don't think I want to aim for their quest anymore!

However, today my heart felt warmed after I received the above message from Uber.

It was my birthday month! I'm born in the month of November! As I was able to claim $20 from Uber for my birthday treat, I decided to buy dinner for my whole family.

As it was around 5pm plus, we decided to head down to mookata (the one @ 81 lorong chencharu) as we expect the crowds to come in after 6pm.

Yeah! We were right! And we were lucky enough to get ourselves a parking lot (last one available!)

membership card from Mookata

Not only that, Mookata also got promotion for birthday boy/girl, the membership cost $20 and you could instantly get a $25 rebate (hmm, who wouldn't want to exchange $20 for $25?). Beside that, we also get a free jug of thai iced milk tea (enough for the whole family of 4!)

mookata treat from Uber

Beside the $20 membership, the total bill costs $20.20.

Therefore, after paying for my bill, I used it to claim from Uber for my birthday's treat.

The whole process was quite simple, what I need to do is to go into my Uber's driver app, then key in my email, phone number and upload the bill's receipt.That's all!

 According to them, likely I will get the reimbursement from my next week's earning statement.

How about you? Have you ever get birthday's treat from Uber?


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