Uber Drivers, Please Beware of Kidney Failure!

Ex-Uber driver shared his experience

It was past midnight when I decided to go out for a few drives.

As I was able to set up to 4 destination trips, I set my first one to city area (usually where the high surge area).

After a short while (probably it's weekend night), I got a request from upper Serangoon area, as usual,  I just went and pick that fellow up and proceeded to his destination; Adis road.
A single guy booked for UberX at this timing, (hmm..... must have something urgent to attend to.....)

After I dropped him at Adis road, I'm still contemplating where should I set my next destination?

"Should I set to go back home, or continue to go further down to city?" While I was self-talking in my mind, another request came in again.

The rider was just few metres right behind me!

"Wow, so lucky!" I thought to myself.

When the rider came on board, both of us were quite surprised.

"Hey Sir, it's you again!" I asked.

"Yeah man, I was just around here to pass money to my friend. He lost some money in the gambling games. Now, I'm going back home." He said.

"Wow! what a nice friend you are!" I praised him (tell me how many of you will do this in the middle of the night for your friend?)

As it was probably about 10 over minutes drive before we reach his place, we chit chatted for a while........

"I used to drive Uber for a period of time, during then the money was good! We could easily made $10,000 nett over per month!" He said.

"Then why did you stop, Sir?" I asked curiously.

"I developed kidney failure! Haizzzzz, and now for almost every week, I need to go see the doctor. Even the doctor don't know when I will recover."

"How come? What causes all these?" I asked, hoping that I won't be like him.

"I used to drive for more than 20 hours per day with a bunch of buddies. During that time (5 years back) the surge was very high, it can even go up to 5.0x! We were driving non-stop that we didn't even have time to pee. Then it came to a point that I was unable to pee which I discovered something went wrong with my body. A bit too late though." He sighed.

"Thanks for sharing your lesson, Sir! At least now I'm pretty sure that I need to go back home and have a good rest." I replied him with my sincere gratuity for telling me his stories.

Therefore, without a single second thought, I set my destination back home........

How to prevent kidney failure?

As much as I wanted to prevent myself in walking into the darkness of others, I found ways on how to prevent oneself from getting kidney failure:

  • Adopt a low-salt, low fat diet
  • Exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes per session
  • Do not hold your pee for too long
  • Have enough of rest (max is 16 hours per day, nothing more!)
  • Do not smoke
  • Drink enough water (although it makes you keep going to the toilet!)
  • Control your blood sugar level
Being an Uber driver is a marathon, not a sprint! Keep that in mind and stay fit and healthy!


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