Base Fare Strategy

Base Fare Strategy

Recently, not only the quest (a.k.a cash king target) for weekdays and weekend has fallen for consecutive few weeks, petrol's price has gone up too.

As of today, at the point of writing this blog post dated 8 November 2017, ESSO 92-Octane is already $2.19 per litre. I know some drivers still prefer to go JB to get cheaper fuel (worth the time and effort or not?!!!!)

So what does that means to the driver?

Higher cost and lower revenue!!!!

So now uber drivers are left with 2 options; 

  1. adopt a new strategy or 
  2. drive longer hours (estimate additional 1-3 hours on the road)

So recently, I came up with a new strategy which I called it the "Base Fare Strategy"

So what is Base Fare Strategy?

If you go into your Uber's driver app, at the bottom right corner, tap "ACCOUNT", you will see "Waybill" which is located on the 3rd row which look something like the picture shown below:

Strategy to become a profitable Uber driver

So, $3 base fare means once the passenger comes on board, he/she will be charged a $3 base fare irregardless of the distance he/she travels.

So in order for you (as an intelligent uber driver) not to have higher cost per hour of time driving. You will need to select request that comes in that is less than 2km away from you (in order to pick up the rider)

Also to take note not to accept request that is going too far away from your pick up location (you will be able to see it when the request that comes in indicate long trip), usually more than 30 mins+

Do take note that the above strategy applies mainly to non-surge and non boost zones.

If you find this information useful, please share with your fellow uber drivers.

And lastly, please drive safe on the road 😉


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