Nowadays, companies need to ensure that they have CSR (corporate social responsibility) in placed. The reason being is that a company not only must care for it's bottomline, they got to ensure that they have contributions to the society too.

For Uber, one of the issue that most of the drivers faced daily is handling riders that require additional assistance. For example, senior citizens, wheelchair bound passengers or riders with accessibility needs.

So, for those who have been Ubering for quite sometimes, likely you will receive an email to participate in the uberASSIST programme.

It order to make sure every uber drivers know how to handle with riders that require additional assistance, Uber and the Agency for Integrated Care have partnered together to provide FREE training for participating driver-partners.

Uber drivers will be trained by accredited training centres on how to help riders with disability and mobility challenges, to transfer them from a wheelchair to the car.

uberASSIST car will need to accommodate collapsible scooters, folding wheelchairs, walkers.

As for the fare, uberASSIST fares will be the same as uberX (however uber will lowered the service fee to 10% for all uberASSIST rides). Once you have completed the training programme, you will be also able to take uberASSIST rides and can increase the number of requests from a wider variety of riders, thus increase your revenue.

if you are interested, you can click here.

I'll shall see you during the 3 hours training session!


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