Surge or Boost

Most of the time, Uber drivers will received boost before hand.

For example:

Boost: 1.1x - 1.3x
Fares, Guaranteed

22 Sun
1.1x - 1.3x
7 PM - 12 AM

23 Mon
1.1x - 1.7x
12 AM - 2 AM

1.1x - 1.7x
2 AM - 4 AM

However, for surge, it usually happen when there are high demand and low supply (probably more riders than drivers in a particular location)

Surge can goes up from 1.1x - 3.0x

So, now the question is, "should you go for surge or boost?"

Well, quite simply, you should go for boost! Unless you are already in a high surge area!

Why is that so? For those who has already been Ubering for quite sometime, probably you will find that you are like an eraser. When you drive into the surge area from a non-surge area, then suddenly the surge area becomes "white" (no more surge)

The reason is because, probably there are other drivers like you, they also drive into the surge area! Thus causing the supply to be more than the demand.

Therefore, in order to optimise your earnings as an Uber driver, always remember to go and view your boost schedule, plan your time accordingly!,


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