Oops!...I Did It Again

It was nearly a perfect pool matched on 11th October 2017, however I didn't expect I will "do it again".

The pool matched was pretty close to one another at Potong Pasir, with one rider ending at Haji Lane and the other at 3 Shenton Way.

After I dropped off the last rider at 3 Shenton Way, directly outside Shenton House, there was a leading entrance car park just right beside me, my initial thought is there should be at least a 10 minute grace period as I literally couldn't see any signage indicating "No Grace Period".

I was damn wrong, after I went in and made a 3 point turn to come out from the carpark, I saw "please pay $3.21" from the LED screen.

I was so shocked and frustrated, immediately I pressed the button to call for help.

After a while, probably in less than 20 seconds, an uncle came out and asked me "what happened?"

I told him, "Uncle, I just want to make a 3 point turn and get out from this place (a bus coach was right outside the main road blocking my way and it was during the lunch hours where there were a lot of people and cars.

"Can't you see the signage saying no grace period?", he was pointing to one dark corner while saying this.

I took a good look at where his fingers was pointing, but I still couldn't see any wordings indicating "No Grace Period".

But who cares? I just don't want to pay for something which I didn't utilise.

"Uncle, could you please waive this amount away? I didn't want to park my car here and I'm inside here for less than a minute!

"Sorry, I can't waive it off for you. Its either you pay and go or you can choose to park here for half an hour." his face was emotionless while he was saying these.

"Never mind, uncle. I'll pay and leave." I was disappointed and immediately I turn out of the carpark.

Before I left that place, I pressed the button for receipt and I wanna to share with all drivers not to make this stupid mistake of mine.

Take a good look at the entry time and exit time! I was there just for a minute and was charged $3.21!

Imagine, how much the carpark would have made in an hour? $192.60!

If the management of the building really want to warn drivers about the "No Grace Period", they could have made the signage bigger and place it at a prominent place! 

Somehow, I feel that it is very sneaky of them to place "No Grace Period" at a place where drivers literally couldn't see (till now I also don't know where's the signage)!

So for people out there reading this blog, please take note of this as well as my previous mistakes:


  1. Its also one of the worst buildings in that era but the most expensive carpark

  2. look like today you have a bad experience . it is hard for you but dont give up keep it up and be careful next time.
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