Fraudulent Riders

fraudulent uber rider

Fare Cheater!

I have seen on Facebook post that some drivers encountered fraudulent riders, never I would expect it to happen to me.

It was an usual Sunday morning, while having breakfast with my family, I received an email from Uber.

It says, "One of your fare was adjusted, trips not taken."

I was so shocked! Immediately I went into my Uber driver's app and check it out.

Below is the screenshot of what was displayed in my app:

How could that be? Original payment from $4.50 to $0? Trip was not taken?! Impossible! I have never done any phantom ride throughout my whole Ubering experience.

This is outrageous! I decided to take action against the riders and tell the whole world! How could someone be so dishonest? If you can't afford a ride, tell me upfront, I'll see how I can help you. But, how could you do something so sneaky?

I went into the exact trip that was taken by the fraudulent riders, OH MY GOD! This trip was taken by a mother (age around mid 50s to 60 plus) and his son (age around 20 plus). They are both Chinese (probably PRC, I can't confirm).

I can't believe they are doing this! I fetched them from 62A Sing Ave, Singapore 217908 (its a landed house! but a messy one! definitely not suitable for a minimalist like me) to Shaw Plaza.

During the journey, the auntie was very friendly (but both the mom and son look a bit sneaky, well, I can't judge them by the look right?) and advise me on how to prevent diabetes etc, 

I didn't expect them to do this!

I got to let Uber support staff know about this and prevent this from happening to other drivers!

Therefore i sent an email to Uber and informed them that this trip was taken by fraudulent riders, please ban them from taking any further rides.

Few hours later (probably Uber had already investigated the case), Uber sent me an email and refunded me the amount as shown:

Have you guys ever encountered fraudulent riders (I hope not)? If yes, what your experience? Is it on uberPOOL, uberX or uberXL?

How do you deal wth it and did you prevent them from doing harm to other drivers?


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