Purely Uber Drivers

Nowadays, technology has greatly help us in many ways.

However, it has it's con side too. We are being distracted by too much of it.

Therefore in order to interact with purely uber drivers only, I have created a groupchat in WhatsApp called "Purely Uber Drivers"

Inside this chat group, we helped one another to become a better driver by sharing our ideas and experiences.

If you are pure uber driver (meaning you don't drive with another platform, we welcome you on board)

You can see us on the other side by clicking on the below icon:


  1. System is nit user friendly.

    Navigation is unknown address.
    Payment statement don't understand.
    No proper training to understand how it been done.
    Areas surge misleading.

    What else do you expect the drivers to know what is been hidden when we don't even know what it's works?

    Drivers are practical person not sitting in the office table to detect every trips or every pickup statement dispute.

    Can't continue to drive with lesser priority and equality.


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