Welcome to UberCLUB!

After I collected and drive my LCR car (Toyota Sienta Petrol) for a few days, I received an email from Uber.

The title of the email I received is "You're invited to UberClub!"

Initially, I thought that Uberclub comes with certain facilities like gym, swimming pool, jackpot rooms etc. Because it reminds me of other companies' member club for most of the employees working under a big organisation.

However, after I checked my email, I saw that Uber now came out with something called the "loyalty programme". 

So "what's in it for me?" you may asked.

This means that the more you drive with Uber, as you hit different tiers for your lifetime trips, the more net earnings guarantee you can get. 

Which is good in a certain sense, which means now you can focus more on hitting weekly trips rather than just focus to drive during surge period.

For example, currently I'm under UberCLUB tier Bronze (as I'm currently clocked in between 1000 - 2499  lifetime trips), therefore if I can hit 100 trips per week, I will get $1,100 net earnings guarantee per week. If I hit 125 trips per week, I will get $1,400 net earnings guarantee per week.

Is this a good initiative? Some might wonder.........

To me, if you look it in Uber's perspective, of course they want more drivers to continue to drive under their platform. Whereas in drivers' perspective, drivers can get more net earnings guarantee as they progress up to higher tier too.

It's a win-win situation!

So how do I hit 100 trips or more per week?

Averagely, one hour enable you to clock 2 trips. Assuming you drive from Monday to Friday and rest on weekend to spend time with family, roughly one day you need to drive approximately 10 hours to clock 20 trips.

Anyway, I'm already in UberCLUB. How about you? Will you be joining me?

If you like the flexibility of an Uber driver, feel free to join me.


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