Gantry that never sleep!

Oh my goodness, it happened again! 

Blame it on Uber map while picking up passenger? Well, I did raise my issue, but effectively from some days since August, Uber has stopped reimburse whatever cost driver incurred while on the way to pick up passenger.

I should have read the signboard before I entered the gantry. At least, this time round the cost was only $1.07, as compared to the previous one.

I hope this will be my last one! :(

It happened right after I dropped off uberX passenger at 700 Lor 1 Toa Payoh, and after that I received an uberPOOL request from United Square, pick-up point (next to Gap Kids)

By following the map, I arrived at this place call SLF (Thomson), it was really a super short cut as shown in the map, probably take about 3-5 mins to reach the passenger as compared to if I were to deroute and avoid the gantry.

I was thinking it probably have at least 10 mins of grace period. Who would still charge people $$$ from entering and exit within a few minutes at this timing?

I was damn wrong! Welcome to Singapore! Everything is automated even after everyone has knocked off from work, as long as you continue to pay them!

Haiz, just count my luck lor.

Hope anyone who read this, please don't commit the same mistake as I do.

What other place still charge driver from entering and exiting in less than 10 minutes?

Do you know any of those?


  1. Replies
    1. Tat area has got 10mins grace period if u enter n exit using e same gantry... E reason y they charge is bcos they do not want ppl to use it as a short cut to avoid congestion within e building compound ... Its actually stated at e front on e gantry wen u enter... U did not read n so u hav to pay for a lesson..Case closed

    2. Ya, make sense to prevent drivers to jam up the building compound.


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