My Costly Mistake

Some mistakes that uber drivers make

Some mistakes should learn from other drivers instead

It was just another night fetching a young couple to their destination, however, I didn't expect it to be a costly one.

While we were reaching the destination by following Uber Map, I was directed to a narrow lane just right before Park Lane. This narrow lane is known as Kirk Terrace

It was an up slope drive and after a while, I saw a gantry. Without much hesitation or reading at the gantry price list (as I assume there will be at least 10 minutes grace period). To my shocking surprise, after dropping off the young couple just right after the gantry (who also doesn't seem to know that they have already arrived 15 Sophia Road) and immediately exit the gantry which literally all happened in less than 30 seconds, $5 plus was been charged to my cashcard.

Ouch~! Never again I will go to that narrow lane. Somehow I just feel that the place is like a booby trap which lead you all the way to the blood sucking machine.

So drivers out there, please take note!


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