First Time Using Uber Rides

how to book for first uber's ride?

First Uber Ride

I still remember the first time I try booking Uber as a rider, initially I just wanted to explore how the app really works and I didn't know that after I tapped on the button "REQUEST UBERX", someone literally drove to my block downstair and waited for me.

I was so anxious and surprised it really works, but at the same time I was panicked as I didn't know how to cancel the request.
Initially, that Uber driver who already reached under my block told me to call the customer service support to check with them on how to cancel request, however at that point of time I didn't know what number to call and it took me so much time and finally that Uber driver decided to cancel my request.

Phew! And that was my first experience testing out the Uber rider app. It just feel so amazing!

Subsequently, after my first few rides with Uber I decided to post a video on YouTube on "How to take a Uber ride in Singapore"

The reason for doing so is to help people like me to learn how to use the Uber rider app, especially for the first timer.

I bet that after your 3rd rides, you will be more expert than anyone else.

If you are also first time taking Uber rides, I'm giving you up to SGD$10 off for your first Uber ride.

To accept, use code 'yoriw2ue' to sign up. Enjoy! Details:

Alternatively, click on the below banner and use code 'yoriw2ue'


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