LCR Car Breakdown

what to do if my LCR car breakdown on the road?

LCR Car breakdown

It seem to be another normal day as I picked up one Aussie passenger from his condo to his workplace. 

However, on that particular day 22nd December 2017 (few weeks ago), my Toyota Sienta decided that she needs a "break", so just right after the traffic light had turned green, she decided not to move anymore.

I did a few attempts to "wake" her up, but she insisted on having a long rest. 

Therefore without having much option left, I have to call for LCR car servicing @ 6262 4620, my passenger also has to get out from my car and request for another uber driver.

"What a bad day!" I said to myself

But I can't just leave my car alone there. I need to do something about it without leaving her strand on the road.

Luckily, I still remember what I have learned during my car driving lesson days (thats was about 20 years ago!).

So, immediately I went behind my "car booth" to look for the red triangular car breakdown sign and placed it at the rear of my car.

As the weather was hot, I went to seek for shelter at the bus stop just directly beside the road. 

As I was waiting for the tow truck to come, a lady sat beside me and asked me: "Is that your car? For safety reason, it's better for you to place the breakdown sign 20 meters away from the rear of your car."

"How did you know that? Are you a driver too?" I asked her out of my curiosity.

"I work in the car workshop." she said.

"Wow, you really can't judge a book by it's cover! A sweet and gentle looking lady working in the car workshop" I thought to myself.

Therefore, I quickly place the breakdown sign much further away from the rear of my car as shown below:

how far away should you placed your car breakdown sign

LCR car been towed away

LCR car tow truck

After a long wait, the tow truck driver was here.

Finally my babe can be sent for some maintenance. She has been working so hard all these while.

Therefore, I hoped onto the tow truck (sitting beside the driver) to go to benoi sector

where is LCR car servicing at benoi sector?

As the staffs there don't allow me to take picture of what's inside here, this is the best picture that I can show you guys here.

After some "investigations" of what's happening to my car, I was told by the maintenance guy that my babe decided to take a break because her spark plugs was spoilt and they need to replace a new ones before she can hit the road again.

So I waited there for a few hours, and during lunch time, I found out that there are no makan place here and I need to request for uber to go to the nearest kopitiam for lunch (about 5 mins drive).

After my lunch, I took uber back again to the workshop and another few hours later, it was finally done.

Now my babe can hit the road again.

As the maintenance didn't last for more than 8 hours, LCR don't allow me for rental rebate for this incident.

How about you? How do you handle when your car breaks down on the road?


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