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uberAssist Graduation

Uber drivers went for uberAssist Training 
It was fun attending uberASSIST training at Econ Life Hub Havelock Road #01-25 Singapore 161051.

Not only we learned how to wash our hands properly, we also learned about how to assist wheelchair bound passenger into the car.

There was also 15 minute break in between the training where we could help ourselves to the refreshment (coffee, cakes, fruits etc)

After our training, we were also given a certificate as shown below:

As the turnout was quite a big one, it was tough to have our photo taken. Nevertheless, we still managed to squeeze ourselves at one corner before our picture was taken as shown below:

Everyone was happy as they learned a lifeskill which they can apply to the real world. Most of the participants here are likely a full time uber drivers as the training time was from 10am - 1pm (where most of the part timers are working in their office cubicles)

After the training was completed and evaluated by the trainers (to certify we ar…

Surge or Boost

Most of the time, Uber drivers will received boost before hand.

For example:

Boost: 1.1x - 1.3x
Fares, Guaranteed

22 Sun
1.1x - 1.3x
7 PM - 12 AM

23 Mon
1.1x - 1.7x
12 AM - 2 AM

1.1x - 1.7x
2 AM - 4 AM

However, for surge, it usually happen when there are high demand and low supply (probably more riders than drivers in a particular location)

Surge can goes up from 1.1x - 3.0x

So, now the question is, "should you go for surge or boost?"

Well, quite simply, you should go for boost! Unless you are already in a high surge area!

Why is that so? For those who has already been Ubering for quite sometime, probably you will find that you are like an eraser. When you drive into the surge area from a non-surge area, then suddenly the surge area becomes "white" (no more surge)

The reason is because, probably there are other drivers like you, they also drive into the surge area! Thus causing the supply to be more than the demand.

Therefore, in order to optimise your earnings as an…

Fraudulent Riders

Fare Cheater! I have seen on Facebook post that some drivers encountered fraudulent riders, never I would expect it to happen to me.

It was an usual Sunday morning, while having breakfast with my family, I received an email from Uber.

It says, "One of your fare was adjusted, trips not taken."

I was so shocked! Immediately I went into my Uber driver's app and check it out.

Below is the screenshot of what was displayed in my app:

How could that be? Original payment from $4.50 to $0? Trip was not taken?! Impossible! I have never done any phantom ride throughout my whole Ubering experience.
This is outrageous! I decided to take action against the riders and tell the whole world! How could someone be so dishonest? If you can't afford a ride, tell me upfront, I'll see how I can help you. But, how could you do something so sneaky?

I went into the exact trip that was taken by the fraudulent riders, OH MY GOD! This trip was taken by a mother (age around mid 50s to 60 plu…

Oops!...I Did It Again

It was nearly a perfect pool matched on 11th October 2017, however I didn't expect I will "do it again".

The pool matched was pretty close to one another at Potong Pasir, with one rider ending at Haji Lane and the other at 3 Shenton Way.

After I dropped off the last rider at 3 Shenton Way, directly outside Shenton House, there was a leading entrance car park just right beside me, my initial thought is there should be at least a 10 minute grace period as I literally couldn't see any signage indicating "No Grace Period".

I was damn wrong, after I went in and made a 3 point turn to come out from the carpark, I saw "please pay $3.21" from the LED screen.

I was so shocked and frustrated, immediately I pressed the button to call for help.

After a while, probably in less than 20 seconds, an uncle came out and asked me "what happened?"

I told him, "Uncle, I just want to make a 3 point turn and get out from this place (a bus coach was right…


Nowadays, companies need to ensure that they have CSR (corporate social responsibility) in placed. The reason being is that a company not only must care for it's bottomline, they got to ensure that they have contributions to the society too.

For Uber, one of the issue that most of the drivers faced daily is handling riders that require additional assistance. For example, senior citizens, wheelchair bound passengers or riders with accessibility needs.

So, for those who have been Ubering for quite sometimes, likely you will receive an email to participate in the uberASSIST programme.

It order to make sure every uber drivers know how to handle with riders that require additional assistance, Uber and the Agency for Integrated Care have partnered together to provide FREE training for participating driver-partners.

Uber drivers will be trained by accredited training centres on how to help riders with disability and mobility challenges, to transfer them from a wheelchair to the car.


Purely Uber Drivers

Nowadays, technology has greatly help us in many ways.

However, it has it's con side too. We are being distracted by too much of it.

Therefore in order to interact with purely uber drivers only, I have created a groupchat in WhatsApp called "Purely Uber Drivers"

Inside this chat group, we helped one another tobecome a better driverby sharing our ideas and experiences.

If you are pure uber driver (meaning you don't drive with another platform, we welcome you on board)

You can see us on the other side by clicking on the below icon:

Time, location and money freedom

Most of the time, while ubering passenger from point A to point B, those who chit chatted with me, 9 out of 10 will ask me this question, "Are you driving full time or part time?"

I know most people are sick and tired of their jobs, bosses or the salary they are getting.........

Also, according to statistic, majority of the Uber drivers in Singapore are part timers.

Some, if not most of them wanted to become a full time Uber driver, however, majority are unwilling to forgo the medical benefits, annual leave etc they are getting from a company they are working for.

"So what really are the benefits of being a full timer Uber driver?", you may be wondering.

Let me share with you some of the benefits listed below (in my personal opinion):

I can wake up anytime I wanted toI can take leave anytime (without the need to apply through a system or check with my boss's schedule)I decide how much money I wanted to makeI can meet my loved ones for coffee at anytime or any p…