uberAssist Graduation

graduating and become an uber driver

Uber drivers went for uberAssist Training 

It was fun attending uberASSIST training at Econ Life Hub Havelock Road #01-25 Singapore 161051.

Not only we learned how to wash our hands properly, we also learned about how to assist wheelchair bound passenger into the car.

There was also 15 minute break in between the training where we could help ourselves to the refreshment (coffee, cakes, fruits etc)

After our training, we were also given a certificate as shown below:

uberassist cert

As the turnout was quite a big one, it was tough to have our photo taken. Nevertheless, we still managed to squeeze ourselves at one corner before our picture was taken as shown below:

uberassist graduates

Everyone was happy as they learned a lifeskill which they can apply to the real world. Most of the participants here are likely a full time uber drivers as the training time was from 10am - 1pm (where most of the part timers are working in their office cubicles)

uberassist car decal

After the training was completed and evaluated by the trainers (to certify we are qualified uberASSIST drivers), we were each given a car decal as shown above to paste it on our car.

Now we are on our way to assist passenger with disabilities and make additional 10% more fare.

We are certainly a passionate and leading a purposeful life as an uberASSIST driver.

How about you? Have you attended the training yet?


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  2. congrats for getting certification. thanks for updating us i like it. keep it up . know i understand this system.
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